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Providing homes and hope to people in our community who need it most.

At Options Community Services, we are on the verge of realizing a dream, a dream of providing homes and hope to people in our community who need it most. The residential portion of our build is called Habitat@81st and you can help us get across the finish line!

In 2020, Options Community Services embarked on a journey to plan, fund, and build Habitat@81st. This project has been a beacon of hope and a labor of love, and today, thanks to many partners like you, we stand on the brink of a new chapter.

The Final Push:
Help Us Raise $350,000

This November, these units will be occupied by tenants, including women fleeing violence, refugees, seniors, at-risk youth, and others facing barriers in finding decent and affordable housing. The ground and second floors will host several community services provided by Options, allowing us to expand accessibility to our services not only to the tenants but to the community as well.

A lot has been done and we need further support to complete the Habitat. Our goal is to raise $350,000 with the funding going towards:

  • Library shelving for our Childcare Resource and Referral program
  • Cabinets for the Family Resource space to store equipment and toys
  • Laptops for Healthiest Babies Possible Outreach Team to work with women in at-risk pregnancies.
  • Extra paint to finalize the interior
  • Additional security cameras
  • Playground equipment
  • Door access control changes
  • And other final touches that add up
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Help Us Reach Our Goal

With your help, we can bring this project home. Together, we are creating more than just a building; we are building hope, security, and the promise of a brighter future.

Homecoming At The Habitat Story

Tara's Journey:
From Despair to Hope

Tara is a strong and loving single mother with an eight-year-old son. Her son has special needs, including being on the Autism spectrum. He loves his cat Bits, Lego, anything with wheels, and playing Roblox.

The home that they currently live in will be torn down in November, and Tara’s only option, upon receiving this news, was to move her and her son to her car. Market rental prices are now far too high for her to afford, and she was devastated.

Tara started intensive online research and came across Options Community Services and their new building, Habitat@81st. She contacted the Options team, and when she received the application, she filled it out right away, hoping that somehow there would be a home for her and her son.

Tara and her son met with the Options team, and she felt they were the first to truly understand and empathize with her situation.

When Tara received the call that they had been approved for a home in the building, Tara had the phone on speaker with her son in the room with her. She cried tears of joy, and her son hugged and encouraged her about the wonderful news, telling her,

“Everything will be OK now, Mom. We will be OK now.”

Tara expresses how incredibly thankful she is to Options and how much she respects the work they do in our communities. She feels that she now has hope for her and her son’s future. Knowing that she will be able to provide her son with a safe new home fills this local mom with relief and joy.

We believe in collaborating with individuals, businesses, community groups and government to create focused, effective and responsive resources for the community.

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